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Billing & Privacy Policies | St. Paul Radiology
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Billing & Privacy Policies

Billing is Easy to Read and You Can Pay Online

If your radiology procedure is at any of the three St. Paul Radiology outpatient imaging centers, your bill will come from St. Paul Radiology Outpatient Imaging.

If your radiology procedure is at any of the hospitals served by St. Paul Radiology, your bill will come from St. Paul Radiology, P.A. for the professional reading of the examination.

If you have questions regarding your bill from St. Paul Radiology, please contact the Billing Office at 877.556.0695. To make a payment online please go to our billing website:

St. Paul Radiology Privacy Practices

Protected and secure, St. Paul Radiology takes great care when using your medical information.

Treatment – Medical information is used to provide, coordinate and manage optimal care and treatment for patients. For example, St. Paul Radiology will release films and reports to another medical provider involved in your care as a patient.

Payment – Patient Information is used to receive payment for services provided. For example, St. Paul Radiology will disclose patient information to submit claims to insurance companies and/or Medicare or State funded plans on behalf of patients seen.

Health Care Operations – Information may be used for activities related to business functions of the medical practice. For example, St. Paul Radiology may use or disclose information for quality assurance activities.

Appointment Reminders and Other Health Information – Patient information may be used when St. Paul Radiology staff places appointment reminder calls or calls to reschedule an existing appointment when necessary. Also, information may be used to inform patients about new or alternative treatments options and/or other health care services.

Family Members or Other Responsible People – Patients of St. Paul Radiology may agree to have verbal information about their treatment or diagnosis shared with a family member or designee. If you are unable to make health care decisions, St. Paul Radiology will disclose relevant medical information to family members or other responsible people if deemed in the patient’s best interest to do so. For example, St. Paul Radiology may provide limited medical information that would allow another family member to pick up films or a CD for the patient.

Other Uses or Disclosures – There may be special circumstances when sharing medical information is required. Disclosures or use of information in special circumstances includes: when required by law; for public health activities; relating to victims of abuse/neglect/domestic violence; for health oversight activities; for judicial and administrative proceedings to the extent permitted by law; for law enforcement purposes, as permitted or required by law; to coroners/medical examiners/funeral directors, as permitted by law; for organ donation purposes; for research purposes under certain circumstances; to avert a serious threat to health or safety; for certain specialized government functions, such as military discharge and national security and intelligence; and for workers’ compensation purposes.

Patient Privacy Rights

St. Paul Radiology works closely with patients that have special requests to manage their medical information.

Restrict Use and Disclosure – Patients have the right to request that St. Paul Radiology not use medical information in certain ways or for certain purposes. Patients may also request that St. Paul Radiology not provide medical information to certain individuals. However, St. Paul Radiology has the right to refuse a request, particularly when law requires it. In the case where emergency treatment is necessary, St. Paul Radiology will ask the person(s) who receive the information not to further use or disclose the information.

Provide Confidentiality – Patients have the right to request that St. Paul Radiology provide them with medical information in a confidential manner. For example, patients can request that St. Paul Radiology send bills and other mailings to a different address or that St. Paul Radiology notify them of this kind of information in another way, such as by telephone. Patients must make this request in writing and specify the alternate address or means of communication. Under certain circumstances, St. Paul Radiology may deny a request, for legitimate reasons. St. Paul Radiology will agree to requests to the extent practical, and still assure accuracy. Patient requests for such confidentiality may require that patients provide St. Paul Radiology with information on how they intend to pay for any services rendered.

Research – Under certain circumstances, St. Paul Radiology may use and disclose medical information about its patients for research purposes. St. Paul Radiology will only do this with a patient’s written authorization, or with the approval of a special board that will insure that there is only a minimal risk to patient privacy.

Inspection and Copy – Patients have the right to ask to see and copy their medical records, unless there is information protected by law. At St. Paul Radiology, medical records are limited to films, reports, and billing information. There may be fees assessed that are associated with copying costs.

Change Information or Amend Medical Records – Patients have the right to request in writing that St. Paul Radiology change information in their medical record if St. Paul Radiology was the originator of the information. If a request is denied, patients can write a statement of disagreement with the denial that St. Paul Radiology will keep with this medical information.

Accounting of Disclosures – Patients have the right to request an accounting of information disclosures. This would include releasing medical information about the patient, which was not related to treatment, payment, health care operations, or information requested to release to another facility or persons. Requests for accountings of disclosures are limited to the most recent seven year history, unless the patient is a juvenile.

Paper Copy of St. Paul Radiology’s Patient Notice of Privacy Practices – Patients of St. Paul Radiology receiving this notice of medical information privacy rights electronically, may ask St. Paul Radiology to provide a paper copy of this notice.

Privacy Violations – If you feel your medical information privacy rights have been violated, you may file a complaint with the Secretary of Health and Human Services and/or with St. Paul Radiology’s contact person listed below. Filing a complaint will not affect the quality of the services you receive from St. Paul Radiology and you will not be retaliated against for filing a complaint.

Contact Person at St. Paul Radiology:

Privacy Officer
166 4th Street East
St. Paul, MN. 55101-1421


The U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Avenue S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20201
202.619.0257 or Toll free: 1.877.696.6775

The effective date of this notice is February 26, 2016. St. Paul Radiology reserves the right to change this notice and will make the new information available to you in-person, online, and by posting it in our offices.